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Here to help business prosper

The wholesale trade industry employees millions of people across the Middle East and we want to do our bit to help make this industry more efficient through the implementation of technology-led solutions. It is our belief that by improving the way businesses (both small and large) trade goods that it will lead to better economic growth and financial security not only for businesses, but also the people working within them.

Helping Buyers: WeMENA helps retailers and businesses safely buy great products from suppliers at competitive prices, hassle-free delivery and flexible payment options.

Helping Suppliers: WeMENA helps suppliers increase their sales, launch new products and not worry about payment delays or delivery headaches.

Convenience, Service and Flexibility

Our platform provides a smooth, secure and flexible transaction process for businesses when purchasing goods.

As we grow we will bring on new services to make business purchasing even easier and frictionless, allowing businesses to focus more on growth.

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